Getting the Best from Web Development with Uikit

The web is a crowded place, full of websites competing for space and ranking, as well as attracting paying customers and clients to a business. It is an important asset, the modern-day, digital shop face for any business, from retailers to therapists and businesses of all kinds.

But a website is never finished. Think of it, if you like, as a plant - it needs constant attention. A website needs content added and modifications made on a regular basis, and comments and questions need responding to. This way, it looks and feels like a professional and maintained website.

We specialise in Uikit, but that doesn't mean you have to

Of course, while we specialise in Uikit, we recognise that some customers have other needs, or perhaps want to stick with a platform they're comfortable, and if preferred, we can use one of the other popular programs on the market to develop a website that suits you, depending on what method you'd prefer.


WordPress is an open source website creation too, heavily associated with bloggers. Users can not only create within the package, but add to it too, such as creating a theme for a website that others will also love and enjoy – and use - so that others can also enjoy good looking and highly functional websites.


Joomla is an open source program that also offers a detailed content management system – the ability to create and schedule when content goes live and how long for, in some cases too.


Magento is open source too, offering some of the most responsive and respected e-commerce web design options available today.

Whilst these open source platforms offer free to use facilities, as you would expect, when you start to customise and change things within the design, or want to add more such as more responsive social media packages and secure online payment options, there is a charge.

These charges are not excessive but a way for a sole trader, small business or medium to large company to develop a website that truly offers their businesses and their customers the best online experience.

It is all about the customer…

When it comes to designing a website, no matter which package you use, it is all about the customer – attracting them, informing them, encouraging them to buy or participate. It can be easy to sign off the final website design as the one you like, the one you relate to most.

But there is a danger in this because, designing the website for you can mean shutting out your customers.

We offer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates for website creation using Uikit, WordPress, Joomla or Magento, as well as maintaining your website so it stays where you want and need it – at the top of the rankings.

When you hire a professional website designer and maintenance team, you are investing in your business, an investment that will bring reward. Choose United Live Media, and you'll benefit from website development that exceeds your expectations.

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